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Push edges

An "edge" is the current limit of ones' mind and body in a given situation (this is about more than yoga postures). Edges vary from one situation to another, and even from one day to another. Yogis learn to be aware when they are approaching an edge because it isn't quite comfortable to be there. This discomfort is good (as opposed to pain, which is never good) because it challenges the mind and body to become stronger and/or more flexible as required. Becoming aware of edges and successfully facing them is both empowering and rewarding.

Explore depths

There are so many ways to "go deep" in yoga. We focus on our breath to recenter and be present in the moment. We listen closely to what our body tells us, and respond with self-compassion. We allow ourselves to feel and honor our emotions - free from judgement - knowing that we cannot control our feelings, only what we do with them. We connect spiritually to ourselves and others, because we are worthy. These depths are loaded with clues of who we are and what makes us each so special.

Heal & rejuvinate

By practicing self-love, yogis unlock therapeutic benefits no drug or medical procedure can deliver. Increased oxytocin levels.... positive outlook and happiness. Energy. Touch.



A yoga collective

We are friends (not a studio) partnering to provide extraordinary yoga experiences.

We started as friends (each a registered yoga teacher) practicing yoga together during the pandemic. The silver lining of our pandemic distancing was the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, and to connect spiritually to each other. Our experiences reinforced how unique yoga is to the individual, and how every human being has amazing things within them waiting to be discovered and shared. Now we have chosen to work together -- pooling our energy and talents -- to help others find yoga and cultivate connection within themselves and to others.

We do not work from a single studio. Rather, we work with various venues to bring yoga everywhere possible. We hold classes outdoors, at country clubs, schools, offices, online, and at yoga studios that are kind enough to have us. Check our schedule for upcoming classes, or message us if you are interested in scheduling a private session. We are also available for festivals, workshops, and retreats -- call us to discuss the possibilities!

Meeting you where you are

We meet our students where they are, meaning location, but also where they are physically and mentally.

We believe that there is a version of yoga for everyone. Yogis need not be perfectly flexible, nor an athlete. We offer a range of yoga styles, increasing the odds that students will find one that agrees with their body. No matter the class, we practice non-judgement and self-compassion -- things that do not necessarily come easily, but do improve with time and intent.

There is no right or wrong way to do yoga, as long as it is safe and feels good.