Private Classes


Are you looking for completely personalized one-on-one yoga instruction on your time?  Private yoga sessions are a great choice for understanding yoga basics, tailoring a practice to a specific sport or profession, learning to work with an injury, breaking down more challenging poses such as inversions, deepening meditation practice and more! Request more information about private yoga classes. 


Group Classes


Group instruction ranges from small to large groups and can take place in a studio, fitness center, business or other location. A group class can be offered once as part of a special event, monthly or on a more regular basis. Group classes can also be adapted for private sessions.

Speciality group classes:

  • Corporate Yoga - Support the wellbeing of your employees and business with customized in-office yoga classes that benefit both body and mind. When Aetna offered yoga to its workforce, a study showed its employees experienced reductions in stress and pain and improved sleep quality and productivity. Aetna estimates the increased productivity to be worth $3,000 per employee per year. Click here to learn more. 

  • Wedding Weekend YogaAre you or someone special in your life getting married? Make yoga a part of the wedding weekend! Host a customized session at your venue of choice the day before, the morning of or the day following the big event. Keep it private or open it up to the wedding party, family or even the entire guest list. Click here to learn more. 

  •  Chair Yoga - Everyone can practice yoga including those who are bound to a chair or those who need a chair for extra support due to age, injury or illness. Chair classes provide all the benefits of "traditional" yoga classes in an environment that ensures students' safety and wellbeing.  (Brittany is a certified Chair Yoga teacher) 

  • Sports Yoga - Cross-training with yoga can help athletes reduce their risk of injury and gain strength, flexibility, and stamina to improve their performance in a range of sports. Providing benefits for the body and mind, yoga can complement Crossfit, running, dancing, cycling and more.

  •  Trauma-Conscious Yoga - Designed specifically for active United States servicemembers, veterans and their families who experience the affects of military trauma, these classes encourage physical, mental and emotional health and wellness. All classes are provided free of charge. (Brittany is a certified Trauma-Conscious Yoga teacher through Connected Warriors)