Are you a runner? Then these yoga poses may be just what you're looking for to strengthen and lengthen your body. I had the opportunity to work with Mother Nature Network  on a special piece. View the full length article here

Yoga for runners: 13 poses to increase flexibility and enhance your training

These moves will strengthen and stretch your body and mind.

Runners are notorious for skipping out on cross-training exercises so they can squeeze in more miles. But non-stop running is a good way to invite injury, putting a damper on future runs. Yoga is the perfect complement to running as it can help stretch and strengthen the zones that runners use most, keeping the whole body in tip-top shape and increasing the likelihood that you can run again another day..

As Florida yoga instructor Brittany Szafran of Sass Yoga put it, "Cross-training with yoga can help athletes reduce their risk of injury and gain strength, flexibility and stamina to improve their performance in a range of sports." Szafran notes that the key when doing yoga is to focus on your breathing, "unite your breathe with each and every movement to reap the full benefits."

Here are Szafran's tips for the best yoga poses that runners can use to recharge their bodies and their minds. 

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